Winnie Harlow: The famous model talks about her vitiligo

Winnie Harlow: The famous model opens up about her vitiligo

Young Canadian model, Winnie Harlow is admired around the world but says that it was not easy to reach her goals.

Vitiligo is an acquired condition of pigmentation that can affect the skin, hair, and mucous membranes. It is manifested by the appearance of white spots or macules on the skin, due to the selective loss of melanocytes, which are the cells responsible for skin color.

 There are several hypotheses about the condition some attribute it to genetics, others to hormonal and biochemical factors, and new theories have been described the decreased survival of melanocytes, due to one of these causes.

Vitiligo affects approximately 5% of the population and in 30% of cases, there is a family history. It occurs equally in all races and both genders.

Vitiligo has no physical impact on patients. However, it can cause significant psychic impairment due to aesthetic disturbance and complex treatment.

Winnie Harlow, who has never let vitiligo stop her from becoming a model,  says that it was not easy for her to deal with the condition, but she never let it stop her. 

"As I grew up, it became more complicated. The older the children are, the more cruel they become, and I was intimidated by people.

However, the model, with the help of her family, began to accept herself and see vitiligo as something that could play in her favor, seeing herself as different from others.

If life has something awesome for me, I'm willing to take it

The Canadian model showed the world her attitude to overcome challenges. And today she is admired and loved all over the world.

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