Unwind with these 5 yoga breathing techniques

Unwind with these 5 yoga breathing techniques and see what happens to your body!

Yoga is not all about the postures, in fact, breathing is one of the most important components of yoga. You won’t believe what happens to your body if you practice these breathing techniques!

The breathing techniques practices in yoga, also called Pranayama prana: life and Yama: force control–, are an essential element of yoga that make your practice much deeper.

The idea of doing yoga without paying too much attention to the correct breathing technique is not yoga at all. Being able to breathe in the correct way is the rationale behind yoga. It is paramount to be able to coordinate movement and breathing to actually experience the power of the practice. Having this been said, are you ready to learn these powerful techniques?

Yoga breathing techniques

Breath awareness

You should start by breathing and pay attention to how it sounds and feels, where you feel the air coming in and out. Being aware of your breathing patterns soothes your nervous system and is enough to create a big shift.

Breath awareness

Lion’s breath

This is an incredibly powerful tool to escape from your mind and shift your attention to your body. It relaxes the muscles in your face and jaw and releases tension. To practice the lion’s breath:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Inhale through the nose –make sure you take a deep breath.
  3. Why you exhale open your mouth wide and stick your tone out.
  4. Empty your lungs completely and while you do it, make a “ha” sound.
  5. Do it several times

Breath extension

If you feel like energy has become stuck in your body, you can try this technique to reduce your anxiety. How do you do it?

  1. Inhale four or five counts through your nose.
  2. Hold your breath for four counts.
  3. Exhale deeply through the mouth and make a sound –whatever sound it comes out of your mouth, I promise is a way of healing.
    Exhale deeply through the mouth and make a sound.

Sitali breath

This is amazing to cool down and relax if you are experiencing anxiety, anger or if you are loaded with emotions. If you want to practice this:

  1. Stick your tongue out and shape your lips as if you were about to pronounce an O, the sides of your tongue are should be curled up.
  2. Inhale slowly and deeply through the mouth –you can think about it as if you were sipping from a straw.
  3. Bring in your tongue, and exhale through your nose with your mouth closed.
    Bring in your tongue, and exhale through your nose with your mouth closed.

Breath of fire

This technique is said to be one of the most energizing breathing techniques.

  1. Start by sitting crossed-legged –the palms of your hands should be facing up.
  2. Make sure to press the tips of your thumb and index finger.
  3. Breathe in filling your belly and then let the air out through your nose –use your belly to help you exhale.
  4. Repeat the process for one to three minutes.
    Make sure to press the tips of your thumb and index finger.

Use these 5 techniques in your posture practice

Posture practice –or asana– has to be accompanied by breath awareness in order to be effective. Use your breath practice to help you stay connected to yoga. Combining yoga and breathing techniques is a way of uniting the body, mind and soul. So what happens to you when you practice yoga breathing? Your levels of stress will decrease, your sleep quality will be improved, it’ll increase mindfulness, reduce your blood pressure and it will improve your lung function.

What are you waiting for? Start practicing your yoga breathing!

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