This is why you shouldn’t walk barefoot at home

While you might think that walking barefoot or with your socks around your house might not cause any harm, experts may disagree.

Ok, walking barefoot might sound like the right thing to do when we are at home, after all, we don’t want dirty soles on our carpet. However, experts think we need support or protection to avoid pain.

Walking barefoot on hardwood floors without support can lead to applying excessive pressure on the ball of the foot and the heels, and eventually can cause the arches to stretch and flatten. In fact, if you do so for extended periods of time can inflame and irritate the tendons and ligaments around the ankle and this could be quite painful.

Since the pandemic there has been a rise in the number of people who suffer from foot pain, this might be because we spend much more time without proper shoewear.

How to avoid it

Your feet need adequate support to keep your knees, hips, back and shoulders aligned. If you want to avoid pain, a simple pair of indoor slippers or indoor gym shoes will provide the support you need.

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Victoria Thais

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