This is why you should try having a healthy relationship with food This is why you should try having a healthy relationship with food

This is why you should try having a healthy relationship with food

Having a healthy relationship with food when you are constantly surrounded by messages that you are not thin enough, or fit enough, but there are ways in which you can heal these issues.

Did you know that about 9% of Americans will have an eating disorder in their lifetime? So, if you are not on good terms with food, you are not alone. 

We’ve been told that thin equals beautiful and successful and that all the other body types are left out –no matter what you do, if your bone structure does not fit the standard, you are not considered pretty enough, that’s what we’ve been led to believe. 

But it is not true, and there are ways to eat healthily and still don’t obsess over food or the way we look.



Focus on including foods

Trying to cut calories is exhausting and it leads to binge eating out of frustration. Instead, think of adding some foods that you didn’t use to eat a thing or adding whole foods, greens, antioxidant-rich foods and you will no longer have room for less healthy foods.

Eat comfortably

Eat in good company and in a positive setting to make your experience with food more positive. Connect with the people you love, cook with your family, and enjoy the whole process. If you live alone, put on some relaxing music and enjoy every bite.

Positive affirmations

When dealing with insecurities related to your weight or image, practice positive affirmations such as “I’m beautiful, I’m intelligent,” in front of the mirror and journal after this, to see your progress over time.

Notice how different foods make you feel

Don’t label foods “good” or “bad” see how your body reacts to different types of foods and journal to see the way they make you feel. As yourself what type of foods make you feel more energetic and which ones make you feel sluggish.

Always make sure to consult a professional if you feel you can’t cope with your relationship with food.

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