This is why being bored is a good thing & 4 tips to get bored!

This is why being bored is a good thing & 4 tips to get bored!

Being bored is not always a bad thing, being bored, in fact, is a necessary part of life and this is why. 

We spend most of our time scheduling tasks and activities so we are not bored, but did you know being bored could actually be a good thing?

When your mind starts to wander, our brain enters the "default mode" and this is when original thinking comes into place.

Haven't you ever come up with the solution to a problem in the shower? Or while walking? This is when our minds become bored and start getting creative. 

3 Things that boredom does for you

This is why being bored is a good thing & 4 tips to get bored!

Boredom makes you reflect upon

Zoning out encourages to generate new ideas, it is the kind of fulfillment that accompanies true craftsmanship.

It keeps you away from information overload

When your information input is too much to process, yu are less productive, you tend to get tired and unable to concentrate. 

It helps you get to know yourself better

Being bored helps you learn about yourself. As it encourages deep thinking, it makes you explore things that you haven't done yet, such as try playing an instrument, drawing or anything creative. 

So, the question is,  how to find spaces where you can get bored?

4 Tips to get bored 

Being bored is not a bad thing.

1. Be uncomfortable

A little bit of discomfort can make you be bored, instead of taking your phone and starting scrolling through your social media, persevere in your boredom. The first minutes of being bored could be difficult, but then, you'll start coming up with the good stuff. 

2. You can find boredom around the corner

I love using the line at the supermarket to reflect upon my life, for example, it is a great time to fill in the gaps, a bus ride, waiting at the dentist's are all good opportunities to let your mind drift.

3. Make an effort to be bored

Set some time aside a day to do nothing at all, and make a point of trying to come up with ideas.

4. Leave your phone aside

Having your phone 24/7 around you is a recipe for distraction, so don't. Try not to use it every time, every day, because that will leave you little room for creativity. 

Now that you know being bored is not a sin, will you give it a try?

Aniela Dybiec

Aniela is a writer who loves art, makeup, and magick. She is also an amateur illustrator, a wellness fan and a vegetarian.+ info

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