Victoria Secret's Stella Maxwell reveals her beauty secrets!

Stella Maxwell is one of the most talented and renowned models in the world. She is one of Victoria's Secret Angels and she tells us all her beauty and personal care secrets.

Northern-Irish and New Zealand model Stella Maxwell is a dream. She’s a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she’s also modeled for brands like ASOS, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Topshop.

The 29-year-old has been successful for a while now (she first walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2014), and she works hard to stay in amazing shape. 

Her beauty routine begins early in the morning. Stella sets apart 20 minutes to meditate and start the day in a more relaxed way. Then the model drinks a few tall glasses of water and takes a hot shower followed by a 30-second ice-cold shower.

Eat clean and fresh. Drink clean and fresh. Concentrate. Meditate. And don't take any energy that isn't constructive.

Stella Maxwell is one of the world's most successful models

Her favorite beauty products...

"Rose water, lavender oil and organic teas are my three beauty products. My routine is to try to keep my mind and body balanced. I have to add that I now carry my Karl Lagerfeld + Modelco lip balm everywhere as well".

She works hard to stay in amazing shape

Keeping skin glowing with cardio and lots of water

"Drink a lot of water, and do cardiovascular exercise every day" is Stella's mantra. She honestly believes that drinking a lot of H2O and sweating makes for perfect skin. Besides, steam baths are a paradise for the skin, says the model.

The most important trick of all

Rest, meditation, a good light oil to hydrate yourself, a facial every month from someone you trust, and eating healthy and clean. Those are Stella's beauty essentials.

Exercise to take care of your skin and general health!

"I exercise daily. It's not always a super strict routine but I like to sweat every day. Cardio is very important. Walking is the most important thing. My tips for staying in shape are to eat fresh and clean and make sure to move, move, move.

Stella Maxwell advises other models to always be confident in who they are, and be aware. Be patient and work hard. The results of her healthy lifestyle are fabulous.

Source: Vogue.

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