These are the low-cost tips of the celebs to stay splendid. Photo: campaign

These are the low-cost tips of the celebs to stay splendid

These celebrity beauty tricks will be very simple to follow and still cheap. Let's see!

The beauty of celebs is not just the responsibility of genetics, there is also a lot of effort on your part to look like this, from food restrictions to expensive cosmetic treatments and exhausting days at the gym. However, they have beauty secrets that are available to everyone.

Kim Kardashian // Photo of Instagram

Kim Kardashian
The most famous of the Kardashian clan admitted that she spends about $ 2,000 a month on cosmetic products, but also implements tricks that anyone can copy, such as washing her hair every five days. And as she explained she is very strict about it: the first day she only dries her hair, the second she wears it in a messy style (messy), the third is the tidiest day, since she uses a flat iron and the fourth she ties it tight.

Also, Kim says that professional eyebrow shaping changed her face. One day she tried and changed her life, her entire face looked different.

Candice Swanepoel // Photo of Instagram

Candice Swanepoel
As a good Victoria's Secret Angel, Candice is a bombshell, but she doesn't need much to have glowing skin. She performs an extraction facial once a month to counteract the excess makeup she receives. Also, if Candice is at home, she likes to do cleansing rituals with masks and moisturizers. That is nothing unattainable for an ordinary mortal. Also, she follows the golden maxim of the beauty universe: she never goes to sleep with her makeup on. And revealed that she uses coconut oil to remove makeup, the same that she adds to her smoothies.

Christy Turlington // Photo of Instagram

Christy Turlington
The supermodel from the 90s uses Biotherm's Blue Therapy line of products every morning and night. She doesn't get facials or anything like that, she just eats right and exercises, as that's the best one can do for her skin and her health. Following those guidelines, creams are just a supplement.

When it comes to putting on makeup, she believes that less is more.

Katy Perry // Photo of Instagram

Katy Perry
The singer said she suffered from adult acne just at the time her career was beginning to emerge. She was spending hundreds of dollars removing them and nothing was working until she found a brand called Proactiv that was inexpensive and worked very well. And although we always see her very made up, she said that not every day she goes to her necessaire. Of course, her inevitable ally is the mascara, she always carries in her bag.

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