The 4 types of fizzy water: which is the most beneficial?

The 4 types of fizzy water: which is the most beneficial?

Many people drink sugary soda instead of water. This, of course, is not ideal. It can be hard to break the habit, but you know what helps? Sparkling water!

Ideally, we should drink lots of water to stay hydrated. But a good step to get rid of soda is to switch to sparkling water, which gives us that bubble sanction, just like soda, but without all the ingredients that are bad for our health.

There are 4 types of fizzy water

1. Carbonated Water 

This is literally water in which carbon dioxide has been dissolved. It can be found under the names of soda water, seltzer water, or sparkling water. Besides water and carbon dioxide, there are no other ingredients added.

2. Club soda 

Similar to carbonated water, but it also has additives such as sodium bicarbonate, which gives it that particular salty taste.

What type of fizzy water is best for you

3. Mineral water 

This one is bottled directly from a natural source and it includes mild carbonation, as well as other minerals and nutrients.

4. Tonic water 

This one is carbonated water with added quinine, which provides that particular bitter taste. However, tonic water also has added sugar, so watch your intake if this is your fizzy water of choice!

The benefits

No matter what your fizzy water of choice is, it can help you stay hydrated and drink more water. So there is no wrong choice here. Carbonated water, for instance, is great for digestion and constipation. The only thing to look out for is added sugars, which should be avoided, especially in drinks. as they easily add undesired calories to your meals. As we all know, drinking your calories is far from beneficial.

Soft drinks can have as many as 200cal per glass. Drink water instead!

What are the benefits?

And if you are trying to go on a diet, drinking fizzy water will make you feel fuller in less time, so you will naturally eat less. 

But not only is this good for digestion, but also for your bones. A study has shown that shifting from tap water to carbonated water resulted in stronger bones! 

So, whenever you wish to drink sparkling water again, whatever the form, you can do it guilt-free!

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