Stop saying you are not good with plants! Try these ones Stop saying you are not good with plants! Try these ones

Stop saying you are not good with plants! Try these ones

Did you know that plants alone can totally transform your space? And did you also know that looking after them can be a very relaxing exercise?

Gardening is a great hobby and it will also help you unwind. This is how you can stay healthy while you grow gorgeous plants to use in your house. Plants give us a great dose of pleasure and peace of mind. Watching them, touching them, taking care of them, watering them, even talking to them! 

Here are some of the features of 4 houseplants that you will want to have in your home.

Gorgeous and easy to keep!

1. Lavender

They have incredible perfume and intense color. They bloom in summer. However, plan where to place them as they tend to grow in large sizes and attract bees.

Tips for their care: the surface where the plant rests should allow for water drainage. The pot can be between 30 and 40 centimeters in diameter. Try not to wet its branches and flowers and most importantly, they need direct sun.

2. Succulent and Cactus

They come from desert environments. They are very practical because they require little care. Cactuses keep water reserves in leaves, roots and stems. They are very beautiful and strangely shaped and attractive

Care tips: water them very little, once a week with no more than a teaspoon of water a. Make sure they receive sunlight and will be perfect.

3. Kalanchoes

They are strikingly beautiful and colorful flowers that appear during the winter and spring. And like the succulents, they also have their own water reserve in their leaves.

4. Potus

They have different shades, such as light green, dark green, with white and yellow spots. They grow both on land and in water. It is recommended to locate them in places with height.

Tips for their care: dedicate a space in the house that has some darkness such as the bathroom or a bedroom.

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