Simple things that will make your day more meaningful Simple things that will make your day more meaningful

Simple things that will make your day more meaningful

With this list, you are going to live your day to the fullest.

Here’s a list of 7 new habits to incorporate in order to be at peace with yourself and others. If you manage to do it for 21 days in a row, they will certainly become part of your routine.

1.Early bird catches the worm

Enjoy the first moments of the day in silence, clear your head and start fresh in the morning with some guided meditation, you can find plenty of good meditations guides on YouTube.


Don’t let stress pave you the way, write down your priorities and follow them in order. This way you can get 
things done easier and in order. Remember to always do the most important things first.


Reading a book is great for you mind, body and soul, just a couple of pages a day can totally change your mood. If you have it in paper, it will be so much better because it will remind you of simpler times.

4.Eat slowly

Eat your food more slowly and actually enjoy it instead of just treating it like fuel. Enjoy the moment, don’t multitask while eating, close your laptop, stay away from your phone and just eat, as simple (and difficult) as that.

5.Go for a walk

Sit in a park and listen to the birds, breathe fresh air and be thankful for a beautiful day. Do it in the mornings and your day will start so much better.


Watch something funny.  Sit on your sofa and watch your favorite Friends episode or any other sitcom that makes you laugh until your eyes water.

7.Begin a project or hobby

Take the first step. Stop making the usual lame excuses such as I don’t have time/money for that, enough with it. It’s time to start doing what you like, your brain is going to be so grateful and your body is going to feel it, too.

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