Selfcare Sunday: How to turn Sunday into a Funday Selfcare Sunday: How to turn Sunday into a Funday

Selfcare Sunday: How to turn Sunday into a Funday

Let's face it, Sundays are not exactly the best day of the week, and if you are like me, they might make you feel a bit under the weather. But for five years I have turned them into my number one selfcare day and now I actually look forward to it. This is my Sunday routine!

Sundays used to be a day when I didn't know what to do. I didn't feel like doing anything work-related, my friends used to spend the day with their families and binge-watching TV made me feel like it was a waste of time. I sometimes considered going for a run, but on Sundays working out felt like it was another responsibility to accept-if I actually managed to gather enough will to jog a bit, I felt proud of myself, but if I didn't it just added a sense of guilt. Until I actually decided I wasn't going to make Sunday's expectations another source of stress. I decided to make it my personal selfcare day.

I've been using my Sundays to take care of my body and mind ever since and it was one of the best lifestyle resolutions I've made. Sunday is the day to prepare for the rest of the week: mentally and physically. These are some of my ideas:

No alarm clock

I don't particularly make any appointment or set my alarm to wake up. I like waking up when my body feels like I've had enough rest and, surprisingly, I seldom oversleep! But taking the weight of waking up early off my shoulders is enough to make me start the day with positivity.

Do not set an alarm.

Healthy brunch

I get up and put my favorite music on, start making some coffee and whatever food I feel like indulging in -sometimes it's scrambled eggs and fruit, sometimes a chocolate brownie, I don't stress over it, I take the time to enjoy myself.

I love my Sunday brunch.


I like writing in my journal some positive thoughts about the previous week, and some nice wishes for the week to come. I also like drawing on my sketchbook.

Relaxing bath

After my brunch I like to have a relaxing bath: I sometimes get into my bathtub and use some salts and essential oils to release the stress. As the water drains, I like to visualize all the negativity washing away from me, and by the time I finish, I already feel lighter.

Take as much time as you need to have a relaxing bath.

Set the mood

Light some candles, play your favorite record while you prepare everything for your home-spa.

Hair mask

Once my home feels cozy enough, I usually prepare some natural mask for my hair, I want to start my week with a shiny, strong mane

Here are some ideas!

Face mask

At the same time, I prepare some face mask -a natural one or a store-bought one. I love the soothing feeling of glowy, dewy skin after a face mask.

Mani and Pedi

After I have rinsed my face mask and hair mask, I remove my nail polish and do my nails and pedicure. Although I also like going to the salon to get my mani and pedi done, I think doing it myself has the added value of performing selfcare.

I find doing my nails very relaxing.

Watch my favorite movie

While my nail polish dries, I choose a movie, usually a movie that I already know I like. Something light-hearted that will make me laugh or feel good.

I hope you put this into practice, I promise it will change the way you feel on Sundays! It gives you a sense of purpose, and the best of all is that the purpose is you.

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Aniela Dybiec

Aniela is a writer who loves art, makeup, and magick. She is also an amateur illustrator, a wellness fan and a vegetarian.+ info

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