Self-care practices you should incorporate into your routine Self-care practices you should incorporate into your routine

Self-care practices you should incorporate into your routine

Looking after yourself should be as important as everything else!

Selfcare is basically trying to identify what you need and desire and taking steps to meet your needs. Your needs can range from cooking your own healthy meals, to exercising or following your skincare routine. Though it may sound pretty simple, some people find it hard to identify their basic needs.


Those who have gone through a period of crisis will know that it is very common to experience a lack of motivation, fatigue, and low energy levels in general. If the symptoms worsen, you can even experience withdrawal and isolation, a lack of desire to socialize and do things that can please you and you may even experience poor concentration or memory. If you want to practice self-care, there are some aspects that you can take into consideration:


Getting enough shut-eye is paramount for all aspects of life, as it boosts your athletic performance, regulates your appetite, improves productivity, and lowers the risk con diabetes and heart disease.

Eat well

Take your time to eat, prepare healthy meals and have lunch outside in the garden if it is a possibility. Give yourself time to enjoy your food and try to eat as slowly as you can.


People who regularly exercise have fewer chances of having days of poor mental health. You don’t need to work out too hard to profit from exercise, even a 20-minute walk or bike ride will do the trick.

Try meditation and embark on a self-discovery trip

Learn about your needs, identify your passions and make a list of the things you’d like to try. You can also practice meditation for 10 minutes a day to relieve stress and boost emotional stability.

Learn to say no

If you find yourself agreeing to every request because you are afraid of letting people down, but you end up juggling a million tasks and left with no time for yourself, you know you have to learn to say NO. try keeping your response simple and don’t feel guilty, it is your right to say no, just as it is their right to ask the favor.

Spend some time outside

I know that given the circumstances it is harder to spend some time outside, but make sure to spend at least 2 hours a week outside as it is key to promoting health and wellbeing.

Just dance

Dancing is great to give you some emotional boost: it reduces stress, anxiety and depression and improves your self-esteem.

Treat yourself

By treating yourself, I don’t mean you need to head out on a shopping spree, sometimes something as small as a new glittery pen can make us feel better. If you blow away money that you can’t afford, it will only make you feel worse.  


Whenever I feel a bit under the weather I like to watch old comedies that I know will make me laugh. Laughter boosts your immune system and triggers the release of the happy chemicals –endorphins– and this relieves physical tension and stress.  

Try to listen to yourself and identify what makes you happy, stay away from social media and online activities for a while: it will help you unwind.

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