Saunas: 6 ways they can help your body and mind

Although saunas are famous for their ability to make people chillax, there’s much more than that.

Even though saunas aren’t for everyone, people who have high blood pressure, heart
disease, or are pregnant should be cautious, there are plenty of reasons for you to add
sauna sessions to your routine.

1- Muscle Recovery

Post-workout recovery and sauna are truly best friends. A good sauna session can help you
alleviate muscle soreness and tension. The heat from a sauna increases blood circulation to
the torn muscles and helps them repair themselves more quickly

There are plenty of reasons for you to add sauna sessions to your routine.

2- Sauna sessions can help you with lower back pain

The heat from saunas penetrates muscles and ligaments in the lower back and opens up
blood vessels. This way, lower back pain is alleviated and allows people to move more

3- Chill and Relax

Anxiety and stress won’t enter the sauna room so people are truly relaxed and calm. Sitting
in a sauna for around 10-15 minutes has been shown to relieve stress and better a person’s
mental well-being.

4-Increased Circulation

Many benefits come from increased circulation, it helps with joint pain, mobility, and arthritis.
When muscles receive increased oxygen levels, they can better repair themselves, and 
the body can decrease swelling and pain.

Sauna can help increase your metabolism.

5-Temporarily Increased Metabolism

"Sitting in a sauna can ramp up a person’s metabolism and cause them to burn more
calories than usual while sedentary. The body works to cool itself from overheating and
performs; similar to cardio without the movement" says orthopedic surgeon Dr.
Gbolahan Okubadejo.

6-Lymphatic System Support

When your core temperature is raised and you are encouraging your body to sweat, you are
supporting your body's attempts to rid itself of toxins and pathogens that are hiding in your
lymph (a pale fluid beneath your skin).

Sauna to the rescue, right?

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