Modern witch: How to welcome yourself to your new house Modern witch: How to welcome yourself to your new house

How to welcome yourself to your new house

If you are like me and you’ve moved several times, you know it takes some time to get used to a new house. I read some time ago that it takes 5 years to make a home out of a place, but what if I told you can speed the process up a pinch?

Moving is a way of cleansing your spirit and an opportunity to start again. Every fresh start should be accompanied by a good cleansing actual and metaphorical.  Whether you’ve come to a place where you actually can buy your own place or you’ve rented a new apartment, we all know how hard it is to get used to a new place. Well, maybe you need a little magic to make yourself feel at home, here’s a spell that can help you.

Actual cleaning

Clean every corner of your new house.

Wash the windows, floors, sinks, virtually every corner of your house should be spotless and, as you do so, visualize yourself getting rid of the past to let all the possibilities enter. Imagine your house sparkling and visualize how you’d like to live in that place. Be positive and think about your future –leave negativity far behind.

Unpack and clean again

Have a relaxing bath and get ready to perform the cleansing ritual.

Once you have unpacked, clean the floors, mop away any mark of your movers or any dirt that you might have caused while unpacking. Once your home is fresh and clean, have a bath, imagine any negativity draining from your body as you do so and prepare for the ritual.

Smudging or simmering potpourri

Spiritual cleansing.

Open the doors and the windows of your home or apartment –if you have fans, turn them on, you need the air to flow. My favorite technique to cleanse my home is to smudge some sage, if you can’t because you are allergic to the smoke or any other reason, you can try these simmering potpourris.

Relax and enjoy your new home

Now that your house is clean, do something fun, like cooking your favorite meal, performing some other spell, lighting a candle with your intentions, watching your favorite movie and enjoy your home!

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