Mindful eating: here are some practical exercises

We live in a world full of distractions where it is difficult to concentrate and to enjoy the present. We dare you to change the way you see food!

Lunchtime and dinner time have been completely transformed as we became more and more active and our lives turned busier. It's quite common to eat while doing a million things at the same time, but is that healthy? Of course not.

The Buddhist concept of reaching a state of mindfulness has been trying to address this problem for centuries. In recent years, ancient meditation techniques have become popular and new methods have been “created,” such as mindfulness, exercises that combine some of these techniques to promote self-awareness and allow us to enjoy the present.

Focus on how food makes you feel.

Food and mindfulness: exercises

 It is important to become aware not only of who we are or what our goals are but also of what we consume every day. If we apply it to our diet, mindfulness can be an excellent resource to modify our eating habits for healthier ones that respect both our health and the environment.

You must be wondering how you can apply these tips to your daily life and how you can see the benefits of mindfulness when it comes to eating. Start with the almond exercise!

Exercises to be aware of eating

This way of tasting and observing what we eat helps us to value food and makes us more aware of the importance of a balanced diet.

In addition to teaching you to connect differently with food, these exercises also give you calm and relaxation at mealtime and extra knowledge of your tastes and appetites in terms of food, which will come in handy when designing your balanced menus.

It also happens when we eat watching television, in front of the computer, working, or even reading the newspaper. We are focused on other things and not enjoying food. Remember, the goal is mindfulness!

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