Lifestyle, love, emotional dependence and fear of being rejected: How to overcome a ex partner?

Lifestyle, love, emotional dependence and fear of being rejected: How to overcome a ex-partner?

Many people suffer from love in these times of pandemic and are looking for an option to feel good.

It is important to differentiate between relationships of love and affection from those based on dependency due to fears or insecurities.

If you have or have had a partner, the time of confinement has probably made you remember that relationship.

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Sometimes it's hard to get over an ex-partner. Many times that difficulty is emotional dependence. This can be seen in very complacent people who put their own needs aside to attend to and meet the needs of their partner.

They are people who look for wellness outside, in this case in the couple, so their emotions are very variable and dependent on what surrounds them.

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Emotional dependence causes that many people look for in their partner those affective deficiencies that they feel in their life. People who present a great distrust, fear of abandonment and loneliness and hide their discomfort through the relationship with others.

To overcome the dependence or fear of abandonment, it is a good option for a professional and to be able to work together with everything that is generating the fear of rejection.

How to overcome an ex-partner?

It is necessary to dedicate time as a couple, but also individual time. Have some activity that is only for oneself and enjoy doing it, without the need to be in someone's company.

Giving space to the couple and understanding that it is something necessary and healthy will allow the relationship to work better.

How to overcome a ex partner?

It is important to keep in mind that before living together as a couple, it is essential that people love themselves.

To take care of others it is important to take care of ourselves first. Learn to have times of solitude and enjoy every moment. Become your own best company.

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