Life-changing mid-shift: 5 Tips to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset

While it is true that the world can be a tough place, leaning into a scarcity mindset will not do you any good. When you feel like you are short of money, time and resources, it will impact how you experience life. If you cultivate an abundance mindset you can improve your life and your reality as well.

Trusting that there are endless opportunities, time, resources, money and love, other’s gain will not equate to your loss –and this is key. If you feel like there are limited resources and someone else has more blessings than you, you will cultivate a scarcity mindset –then you’ll hold on to whatever you have because you are afraid it is a possibility that it won’t come around later.

Focusing on things you lack, triggers fear, envy jealousy and despair and you’ll end up believing that you cannot change your life –and this is how you miss opportunities. On the other hand, when you embrace an abundance mindset you feel safe and you won’t feel like something has been taken away. Not feeling anxious helps us remain focused on big goals and motivates us to produce positive opportunities for ourselves.

Now we know that it is very important to cultivate an abundance mindset, but how?

1. Revise your beliefs

Revise your beliefs

If you notice that you are having negative beliefs about yourself and start feeling anxious, jot it down and revise if it is empowering or disempowering you. Once you’ve practice enough you will start getting rid of those thoughts that only make you suffer.

2. Don’t be expectant

Don’t be expectant

When we crave money, a relationship or a job, we will likely get anxious if things don’t work out the way we wanted or when we wanted it. Life is unpredictable, so don’t be too attached to an outcome if you don’t want to trigger feelings of scarcity.

3. Find examples of abundance in your past

Find examples of abundance in your past

A scarcity mindset will make you forget all the milestones you’ve reached that at some point seemed impossible: like being granted a degree, learning to drive, getting the job you wanted. Even when many situations didn’t work out as you would have liked to, they were likely lessons learned.

4. Let yourself be inspired by others

Let yourself be inspired by others

There are many people in this world that against all odds have thrived, then why wouldn’t you?

5. Celebrate success

Celebrate success

Envy decreases your growth opportunities –it only causes us to believe someone else doesn’t deserve what they’ve achieved. Celebrate others' success and also celebrate your mini-wins every day.

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