This is Kendall Jenner's favorite 11-minute workout routine!

Kendall is quite open about her beauty routine, diet, and workouts. Imagine our shock when we discovered that Kendall's favorite workout is only 11 minutes long! Now that is something we can commit to.

Needless to say, Kendal's insane body is not only a result of her workout but also her diet and relaxation techniques. And yet the fact the supermodel uses an 11-minute workout on busy days is only proof that you CAN in fact work out anytime and anywhere. All you need is a bit of motivation. 

Jenner's workout is 11 minutes of effectiveness

So grab your sports shoes and kit and we'll see you on the mat. Beware: these may be the longest 11 minutes of your life.

Here you just need to get down in the push-up position, but instead of propping yourself with your hands, bend your arms at your elbows so all your weight is on your forearms. Clench your abs and glutes, and make sure your body stays straight. 

Similar to the first one, get down in the push-up position, but stay up on your hands making sure they are aligned with your shoulders.

Start on one side with your forearm propping you up. Keep your feet together and stacked on top of each other and repeat on each side after holding for 15 seconds (15 seconds that will feel like a lifetime!)

As the name would suggest, this involves performing slow crunches while balancing in a side plank. Starting off in the same position as the side plank, with hips off the ground and your top hand behind your head, bend your top leg and raise it to meet the bent elbow of the hand behind your head.

Starting off as the high plank, with hands flat on the ground, aligned with your shoulders, lift either your right or left arm up in front of you, then lift the opposite leg.

Back into the forearm plank position, rock your body forward so that you're coming up onto the tips of your toes. Roll back to the original position and repeat.

Starting off in a high plank, bring your knee up to your elbow on the same side while keeping your back flat and core tight.

Lying flat on your back with feet flat on the ground and knees bent hip-width apart, place your hands behind your head and lift your upper body up. Make sure you’re not straining your neck and instead are engaging your core.

From the same crunch position, extend your legs straight out before bending one knee up towards your head and bringing the opposite elbow down to touch the bent knee. Repeat on the other side.

This one is quite similar to a crunch, only keeping your bent legs together instead of hip-width apart, you’re going to lift your entire upper body up off the ground, using your abdominal muscles

Lying on your back with your hands behind your head, place your legs in a diamond or ‘frog’ shape so that the soles of your feet are flat together. Then comes the hard part—trying to both lift your upper body and bring your knees up to your chest at the same time. 

Starting flat on your back, lift your legs off the ground with a 90-degree bend at your knees with hips parallel to the floor. Using your abdominal muscles, twist your upper body to the left so your right shoulder and elbow are turning toward your left knee. Return the original position and try out with the other side. 

Lie on the ground with legs straight and together and arms at your sides, palms facing down. Slowly raise one leg to a height that feels comfortable and then lower back down and repeat with the other leg.

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