Jessica Alba shares her top secrets to fit her self care routine into her busy schedule

We all live in a busy world and we know that the struggle to fit our entire routines in a busy schedule is REAL. And not even celebrities can escape that! However, some of them have certain hacks to make things easier. Jessica Alba is one of them!

Jessica Alba is an A-list actress, a successful businesswoman, and a mom-of-three. And, yes, she is also struggling to have some time for herself. The star has shared important insights on why every mom should make sure they have a self-care routine squeezed into their busy schedules.

In an interview with folks at InStyle, Alba shared some amazing hacks that have helped her find balance and unwind after long, long days.

Alba shared some amazing hacks that have helped her find balance

"First and foremost, I get into cozy loungewear and throw my hair into a messy bun. Then I recap the day with the kiddos over dinner, followed by giving the baby a bath and a good cuddle — this fills my soul and helps reset my mind and spirit. Being present with my littles is my favorite way to de-stress and unwind on the daily. I also enjoy a bath with a glass of wine and a good book. I often add a face mask and a hair mask as part of my weekly wind-down routine."

These are Alba's essential skin & hair care products

To remove makeup, the actress says: "I like to use the Honest Beauty Magic Gel-to-Milk Cleanser, which helps break down makeup and impurities. Then I’ll double cleanse using the Gentle Gel Cleanser because I like my skin to feel squeaky clean. Then I apply Beauty Sleep Resurfacing Serum about three times a week. It works overnight to dissolve away dead skin cells leaving me with refreshed, glowy skin."

Jessica shared her skincare routine!

"After I like to use the Deep Hydration Face Cream under my eyes and Magic Beauty Balm on my lips and eyelids. Sometimes I also add the Hydrogel Cream around my lips and under my eyes, which I slather and leave on without rubbing it in, letting it absorb. Then, I always finish everything off with the Elevated Hydration Mist," she adds.

As for her hair, the Honest Co. entrepreneur confesses "I also like to spray the ends of my hair with a leave-in conditioner and twist it up so I wake up with fewer flyaways."

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