How to be confident about your body: 4 tips to be more body confident!

How to be confident about your body in 4 steps

All aspects of our lives can be affected if we have a poor body image. Here are some tips to get rid of negativity!

I know firsthand what it is like to have a poor body image most of us do. Not even the most hegemonic beautiful people are 100% confident about their image, we are all at some point insecure about the way we look. This insecurity has nothing to do with the way we look, it comes from within. I have learned that no matter how thin or fit a person is if there is something about yourself that bothers you, it has the power to make you feel ugly.

First of all, I have to say it is not as if by magic you are going to wake up and love yourself –it takes work and time, but, hey, isn’t it worth trying?

Although our body is, up to some extent, a container for ourselves, it is also the tool we have to experience the world and it is also the instrument through which we express ourselves. The way you talk, dress, walk says a lot about the way you feel about yourself and the way we judge our appearance can change our mood and confidence.

We have been told for years that certain body times of physical characteristics are normal or valuable and that the closer you get to that image, the happier or the more successful you’ll be. When in fact, your happiness should only be measured according to your expectations and your standards, nobody can tell you what’s pretty and what’s not.  The problem is that sometimes we don’t even register how we’ve been told how to value our bodies –we never question the validity of miracle weight-loss, post-pregnancy snap-back testimonies and all the standards perpetuated by de media. The British Social Attitudes Survey found that 40% of women felt anxious about their body image and 45% had felt depressed, and if you’ve ever felt vulnerable to poor self-esteem, here are some tips to become more body confident.

Step 1: Mirror exposure therapy

Look at yourself in the mirror often.

If you have lost or gained weight and it triggers a negative body image, it can make you feel stressed. If you spend some time looking at yourself in the mirror and finding things about yourself that you do like can help reduce anxiety. Try following different people on social media, it helps you see the real normal, not the image we’ve been forced to believe is normal, when in fact, we come in a whole lot of shapes and we all equally beautiful.

Step 2: On dating

Seeing somebody new can trigger anxiety, and it is natural because inevitably you are exposing yourself.

Seeing somebody new can trigger anxiety, and it is natural because inevitably you are exposing yourself. Don’t ever start dating anticipating rejection, if you are already thinking you are not lovable, you will distance yourself from people. The way you feel about your body has a huge impact on your sexual self-esteem: if your body image is negative, you might struggle with being touched, for instance. Instead, focus on the parts that you do like: how soft your skin is, or how your arms allow you to do things –it could also be something functional.

Step 3: Address health problems

if you have gone through some sudden change because of a health issue, there are often changes you need to adjust to –even if the changes are not visible. Most people are positive, but some others feel entitled to comment on or criticize and it can be painful. Plan one-sentence responses to address comments that can hurt you, sometimes people stare or ask because they are curious or they don’t understand. Always remember that you are also allowed to not want to give information about your body.

Step 4: Create positive experiences

The change comes from within, so make sure you accumulate lots of positive experiences to feel self-confident.

The change comes from within, so make sure you accumulate lots of positive experiences to feel self-confident. Focus on what you can do: talk to your friends, spend some time with your loved ones, go for a walk, completing a difficult task, don’t take anything for granted. There are days when it will be more difficult to focus on your achievements, but others you will be able to do so, and eventually, the bad days will be only a few, trust yourself.

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