Having trouble setting your routine while working from home? 5 tips to nail it!

Having trouble setting your routine while working from home? 5 tips to nail it!

WFH has become the norm for a lot of us, it is important to create a schedule to be productive. Here is how to do it!

Last year we had to start working from home full time with little training, and while some have adapted quite easily, for others it didn’t come as natural. There are a few steps you can take to create a suitable routine and atmosphere to be comfortable and still be productive.

1. Have a to-do list

Have a to do list.

If you want to stay organized, it is paramount for you to list your daily tasks. You can use a wall calendar, a notebook, or sticky notes. Writing your tasks down makes it easier to remember them and helps you create a routine. You can also keep track of your tasks digitally, I just prefer doing it the old way.

2. Create your own deadlines

Establish deadlines.

Set some specific time for each task, schedule the time you are going to spend responding to emails, writing or answering phone calls. Blocking out time can help you increase productivity as you will have a goal to aim at.

3. Have breaks

Have a coffee break.

This is the hardest, at least for me. It is easy to work stay for hours on your computer screen working and sometimes getting distracted for 10 or 15 minutes now and then, but the result is that you will spend more hours in front of the computer and getting less work done. If you set a five-minute break every one hour it is easier to stay focus.

4. Set up a workspace

Having your laptop, notepad and other stationery in a designated place will help you create a routine and increase productivity. Don’t work from bed or your couch, you have to learn to set boundaries even at home.

5. Leave some gaps in your schedule

Varying a bit your routine will help you relax and increase your creativity –this is important so every day does not look exactly like the other. Go for a walk, grab a coffee, try to make your days more exciting.

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