Natalie Portman: here's why she is a role model Natalie Portman: here's why she is a role model

Natalie Portman: here's why she is a role model

The actress committed to feminism and she is a role model for women. Let's find out what are her most exciting features.

Natalie Portman (39) stopped being just an acclaimed actress and went on to become a role model for her commitment and firmness with various causes. She is known for speaking her mind and speaking intelligently. We can remember her intervention back at the beginning of the #Metoo movement, where she described the situation of women and did so not only with sincerity but also with a marked commitment. Let's see what it is that should make you fall in love with her personality.

1. She is a staunch defender of animals
Natalie has been a strict vegetarian since she was 8 years old and an intermittent vegan since 2009. Not only does she not eat animals, but she is also an activist for animal rights. In 2007, she produced and narrated the documentary 'Eating animals,' based on Jonathan Safran Foer's book, in the hope of shedding light on the cruelty suffered by animals and encouraging people to leave behind their consumption.

She is a staunch defender of animals

2. Great commitment to women in cinema
At the last Oscars 2020 gala, Natalie appeared with a black Dior cape embroidered with all the names of the female film directors who had been 'forgotten'. She did this to make it clear that they had not received recognition for their work. It was a way to claim a greater number of women in the next list of nominees.


3. Being a feminist is a fact
In 2018, Natalie took advantage of her invitation to Variety's special ‘Power of Women’ gala to continue to defend the existing injustices against the female sex. The actress starred in a speech during the event in which she spoke about sexual harassment of women and the discrimination they face when it comes to acquiring a higher position at work.

Being a feminist is a fact

4. She speaks multiple languages
Natalie was born in Israel and spent the first three years of her life there before moving to the United States. There she continued studying Hebrew, a language that she speaks perfectly alongside English. Since she was little, she has shown interest in learning other languages, which is why she has studied French, Japanese, German, Hebrew, Spanish and Arabic.


5. In her free time, she took the opportunity to study
At 19, she took a break from Hollywood to study psychology at Harvard University. She only shot the three chapters of Star Wars and, taking advantage of the summer holidays, she studied. While in college, she was a research assistant and published two scientific papers. She graduated in 2003 with an Artium Baccalaureus (AB) in Psychology.

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