Eco-ideas to make your school greener

Eco-ideas to make your school greener

Being environmentally friendly at school is not only possible but fun!

Schools like every other institution can leave an impact on the environment, from lightbulb usage to how much waste is generated. But don’t worry, there are very simple actions you can take in daily school life to reduce the school’s carbon footprint. Small contributions to make a brighter future, what are you waiting for?

Build good habits!

1-Encourage good habits

To green things up you’ll need to start by changing habits and adopting new eco ones. Encourage everyone at your school to uphold the very best practices, and those attitudes can quickly become infectious.

2-School compost

Go to your school and garden and treat it with your food waste, there’s nothing greener. Start a school compost and not only will you reduce waste but you’ll also do wonders for the plants in your garden.

3-Recycled paper

Lots of paper is used at every school. Besides recycling it, which is, of course, very important, you can go a step further and start using products that are made of recycled paper.

4-Buy eco-friendly

The buying green revolution doesn’t have to stop at paper either. Today, there are green options for countless everyday school items. Here are just a few:

●    Recycled sticky notes
●    Recycled pencils
●    Recycled card
●    Recycled clipboards
●    Recycled plastic wallets

5-Say goodbye to single-use plastics

You can buy a reusable water bottle and lunchbox and encourage others to do the same. Small changes can go a long way.

6-Start an Eco-club

Environmental actions can be a lot of fun, much more if you are part of a group that shares the same goals you want to achieve.

7-Recycling bins

Recycling is one of the easiest and quickest wins any school can have when looking to cut their carbon footprint. You can even set up a contest to find the best and more creative recycle bin. Be sure to label them up or communicate to everyone exactly what you can and can’t put in them too.

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