Did you know that not everyone needs the same rest? Did you know that not everyone needs the same rest?

Did you know that not everyone needs the same rest?

Not everyone gets their rest the same way. Here’s how to find out your combination for true relaxation.

Does it happen to you that you wake up feeling tired?

And the best way to get our energy level back on track is by replenishing ourselves through proper rest, says Saundra Dalton-Smith, M.D., an internal medicine physician and the author of Sacred Rest.

“Rest is not the same thing as sleep. Rest encompasses the restorative activities we do that help us refill our tanks, which become depleted throughout the day,” says Dr. Dalton-Smith. “It truly reenergizes us.”

In her research, she has found that most people have a rest deficit. “We live in a society that doesn’t know how to not be busy,” she says. “We’re always working and using energy, so we’re getting depleted.” COVID-19 has, of course, made matters even worse.

“We're under a lot of stress from all the uncertainty," says Dr. Dalton-Smith. “We don’t know what’s going to happen six months from now with the virus or with our jobs. There’s a lot of anxiety that goes along with that. That’s why it’s especially important to learn how to get the right type and amount of rest.”

So, what types of rest are there?

Dr. Dalton-Smith has identified seven types of rest everyone requires. “One size does not fit all when it comes to rest,” she says. “Everything you do draws from a different pool of energy. The best rest occurs when you revive the specific kinds of energy you regularly deplete.” These are the seven types of rest, according to her:

Creative: The type that inspires and motivates you.
Mental: When you quiet your mind and focus on important things.
Physical: The rest that relieves your body of muscle aches and tension.
Social: The rest you get by spending time on relationships you cherish and with people who enhance your life.
Emotional: The ability to express your deepest feelings and be your genuine self.
Sensory: Gives you a respite from background noise, including negative self-talk and digital devices.
Spiritual: You feel that you are part of something bigger, as well as a sense of belonging and fitting in.

To find out what kind of rest you need to incorporate into your life, Dr. Dalton-Smith has developed this online Rest Quiz. Start off the new year by fully replenishing your energy!

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