Are you in a toxic relationship with social media? 3 keys to avoid it

Are you in a toxic relationship with social media? 3 keys to avoid it

Here are 3 vital steps to manage your social media time.

Social media dependence, FOMO (fear of missing out), tons of notifications… oh, modernity. 

That’s the life of everyone now. People are constantly bombarded with information through social media and they’re scrolling their Instagram feeds like zombies. The latter has a name already: doomscrolling. 


Here’s a list of 3 steps that will help you control your social media anxiety.

1-Make it less simple to “connect”

Delete the apps. As our phone now is part of our body, it might be healthy to delete the apps that are causing you problems. If you have them on your phone they’re too easy to use and spend lots of time doomscrolling. The goal is to be conscious of the amount of time spent on social media.

2- Schedule the use of social media

Even though social media can give you memes that are fun, get you in touch with friends or be aware of new job opportunities, if you are scrolling in excess things can get rough. The goal isn’t to ban all social media forever, no. The goal is to be conscious and use it a definite amount of time every day. Starting with some 2 hours a day will change your whole perspective and you will even be able to reduce that timing.

3-To be or not to be… selective

Once the apps are erased, it will seem like there are a lot more hours in a day and you will find time to read some books or listen to some good quality content podcast.
Social media has its merits — but it can be truly addictive. When used to excess, it can have negative effects on your mental well-being.

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