Lifestyle, wellbeing, and beauty advice from Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy’s lifestyle advice, including her wellness and beauty go-to’s

The successful actress Anya Taylor-Joy has gained even more popularity for her protagonist role in Netflix's The Queen's Gambit. Here are some pieces of her advice on how to achieve a sense of wellbeing for the upcoming year, including some of her personal experiences and hopes.

The actress Anya Taylor-Joy has finally found solid ground with the latest roles she's played, including her performance as Beth Harmon on The Queen's Gambit, a Netflix series. The positive element that she takes out of this pandemic is exactly that; the possibility of finding a new and more grounded workspace.

The year 2020 was for Anya one of self-growth and learning. One of the things she's working on is her approach to rejection. Instead of worrying about pleasing everyone and having a negative effect on her self-esteem when that doesn't work, Anya's decided to try and move on. She explained how she's learning that she doesn't exist for others and that it's okay to be herself.

Anya Taylor-Joy gives advice she’s learned during the year, including her new approach to rejection // Photo: Instagram

Whenever she's traveling, Anya likes to take with herself a bit of her home. Candles are one of her favorite items to carry around on travels, especially if she's looking for a way to stay grounded. Being away from home can be hard, but Anya understands that there are ways to keep the welcoming feeling close to your heart.

The actress is very passionate about her latest readings as well. When she's not reading feminist literature, she's informing herself about the role of artists in society. Anya likes to maintain a good balance between these two themes, as the first one teaches her important facts about gender but makes her rightfully angry, and the second one gives her hope about artists' abilities to help others feel less lonely.

The protagonist of The Queen’s Gambit has been learning and reading a lot, and she shares some of the things that books taught her // Photo: Instagram

One thing she's kept as a constant this year is her use of Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb perfume line. Anya loves the variety of these smells, which include night-blooming jasmine, misty spring morning, and other perfumes that can be enjoyed throughout the whole day. Everyone should own such trustworthy and inclusive perfumes!

These aren't the only scents surrounding Anya's life. She's also a huge fan of fragrances with exotic or unexpected combinations. Even if they don't initially seem like a good combination -like mixing gunpowder and roses- it can end up being a very well complemented scent. Don't be scared to try new fragrances every once in a while!

Whether it’s perfumes or fragrances, Anya Taylor-Joy is a big fan of scents and explains why she loves them so much // Photo: Instagram

This year, the actress has also learned a lot about skincare. One of the most important products in her routine is witch hazel to prepare the skin. She explained how it's not aggressive but still works well when trying to wake up the skin: an admirable feat! It's also a very common item that you can find in almost every pharmacy.

To conclude, she's hopeful that the new year will bring necessary changes in some aspects of life, which are inevitable but can be for the best. However, she hopes that people will still maintain some newfound habits learned this year, including their stronger senses of community, compassion, strength, and grace.

Photo: Rodin Eckenroth // WireImage

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