8 green practices to do at school

8 green practices to do at school

Here are the best tips to make your school more eco-friendly.

From recycling to planting gardens to powering your school with solar panels to getting a green seal, the ideas are endless. The goal is clear: help Mother Earth to heal.

These ideas that follow will help you lay the groundwork for a green school and classroom. What are you waiting for?

You can help your school become greener!

1- Lead a green club with other students

Find students who are interested in making their school more eco-friendly and make your own green club, you can all plan new actions to make school greener.

2-Recycling bin decorating contest

If you can, get the whole school involved in sprucing up the recycling bins. You can all get creative and create the best recycling bins and then all the students get to pick their favorite!

3-Apply for grants

Find and apply for grants that offer financial support for green-school initiatives.

4- get creative with the recycle bins

Go beyond the basic blue bucket and make your receptacle stand out. You can find many ideas online, who said that recycling had to be boring? no way, recycling is fun because helping the environment was never dull.

5-Schedule a trash pickup day

Make it an annual, monthly, or weekly event. Getting outside to see, firsthand, how much trash ends up on the ground helps students become more aware of where they’re putting their litter.

6- Plant things up!

Get indoor plants that will naturally purify your classroom and provide health benefits, like fewer cold symptoms and improved behavior.

7- Track your green progress

Monitor your school’s recycling impact, you can use many apps to do it, this is an easy way to set goals and see all of your efforts in one place.

8- Grow a garden at school

Get a small space on school grounds and grow a garden to experience how easy and beautiful it is to grow your own vegetables.

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