5 Minimalist Brands You Must Know

Less is truly more, even when it comes to your wardrobe. Find out here the best 5 minimalist brands for you to check out.

Minimalism has come to the fashion scene to stay, that’s for sure. Minimalist brands have
shown throughout the time that their pieces are bold, trendy, and with more muted color palettes,
exquisite tailoring, and exaggerated yet modern silhouettes. Keep on reading for the 5 best
minimalist brands your wardrobe desperately needs.

1- Christopher Esber

The Australian designer established his brand back in 2010 and became famous in fashion
circles for the way he expresses simplicity in such a considered, precise manner. Merging a
range of silhouettes, Esber's line has the structured fluidity you didn’t know you needed and
your wardrobe will appreciate it. Go to the site now and check out their items, you will
definitely buy something.

A lot of brands are rebranding their products to meet the new standards: sustainable is the new fashion.

2- Sundarbay

This London-based brand creates really beautiful, quality pieces that propose a timeless
style for your wardrobe. Sundarbay presents statement features out of curated basics. When
in need of an oversized yet precisely tailored suit or beautiful, timeless basics Sundarbay is
your place.

3- Re Ona

If you need to attend an event, Re one will amaze you with the incredible soft blazers and
minimal dresses that they sell. Re Ona has taken loungewear and turned it into part of your
wardrobe that you can proudly use when you leave home.

Photo credit: Nanushka.com

4- Nanushka

Nanushka is a Budapest-based minimalist brand that will blow your mind. Nanushka thinks
about fashion as something versatile and modern and takes into account not only the form but
also the function of their pieces. With high-quality vegan leather pieces alongside simple and
structured silhouettes, the brand has become very famous and it’s one of the favorites for
many around the globe.

5- Aissata Ibrahima

Aissata Ibrahima pieces are designed to blur traditional boundaries and bring about the
strength in femininity and the vulnerability within masculinity. She takes inspiration from
classical tailoring while staying true to an overall minimalist profile and to herself.

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