3 Reasons why fast fashion hurts our planet 3 Reasons why fast fashion hurts our planet

3 Reasons why fast fashion hurts our planet

Fashion is one of the industries at the center of the debates on climate change, and the effect of our activity on the environment. Here are some reasons why fast fashion can be harmful to the environment.

Buy and throw. And back again. The so-called fast fashion has taken over one of the most important industries: textiles. In fact, the fashion industry has become the second most polluting industry.

1. Faster, shallower

It is based on creating clothes quickly and in large volumes. Did you know that the average use of a garment is only 7 times? It is temporary: the idea is that people get a fashionable garment that does not have enough quality to last several years, so a wheel of greater consumption is encouraged.

2. More natural resources

It consumes a large number of resources, such as huge amounts of water. Due to the high production, a lot of waste is generated that has to be managed. These companies often do not dispose of their waste ethically and responsibly, but instead dump it into rivers or the sea, thus impacting on the life of the ecosystem.

3. More labor exploitation

It makes the product cheaper because of unfair working conditions for the people who make it. Many hours of work at a very low price. The production is usually carried out in developing countries at a minimum cost, with a great negative impact on the communities and, of course, without respecting the environment.

But another way of dressing is possible. Check out our article to discover sustainable ways in which you can buy your clothes!

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