Vegan fashion: these are the 10 brands you need to know right now Vegan fashion: these are the 10 brands you need to know right now

Vegan fashion: these are the 10 brands you need to know right now

Get these eco-friendly clothes ASAP!

The current environmental crisis comes as a result of the wrongdoing of humans in different activities, one of those is the clothing industry. That’s why these inspiring brands enlighten people with the elimination of leather, fur, exotic skins and other animal-derived materials. Keep on reading to find out which are the best vegan clothing brands your closet is asking for.


1- Wama underwear

WAMA makes underwear from hemp for its sustainability, softness, and antibacterial nature.

2- Susi studio

SUSI Studio makes absolutely lovely cruelty-free footwear from recycled rubber and other sustainable materials.

3-Hipsters for sisters

The chic fanny packs of Hipsters for sisters are not only amazing but handcrafted from either 100 percent organic cotton or Eco-fi, a high-quality fiber created from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Go, HFS!

4-Native shoes

Native shoes keeps all of its processes green and clean with low-emission manufacturing process and recyclable-material packaging. Of course, cruelty-free and vegan.

5-Insecta Shoes

Insecta uses recycled rubber and plastic bottles, vintage clothing, and vegan leather to create its eco-friendly, vegan shoes.

6-GnL Accessories

GnL Accessories makes fabrics for sustainable vegan accessories using natural materials such as cork, teak leaves, and cotton along with recycled materials such as plastic from used bottles to line its handbags.


The company is known for its ack of toxicity and animal-derived materials. But that’s not all, they are next level regarding sustainability as they use new material innovations made from stone, tree bark, natural rubber, cotton cellulose, and coconut fiber to make shoes.

8- In the soulshine

The T-shirt Aussie brand is awesome. Its products are not only 100% vegan and made with vegan ink but also in the factory in Bali, where this Tees are made, workers get a salary that is up to 5% more than any other average salary on the island.

9-Brave gentleMan

Materials such as recycled soda and water bottles as well as recycled polyester and cotton blends diverted from waste streams are used in this unisex clothing line.

10-Beyond skin

This luxury vegan shoe brand features 100 percent recycled polyurethane lining materials, and all its shoe soles are made from 70 percent recycled rubber resin.

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