Vegan buckwheat crepes (just 3 steps)

Vegan buckwheat crepes (just 3 steps)

This buckwheat recipe is the ideal option to eat yummy, healthy, and with a lot of fiber! You will get several crepes in a few minutes and you can consume them for breakfast or dinner! 

Surely those people who are celiac already know this. Buckwheat is not a cereal but a seed. It belongs to a family of plants that are native to Asia. The good thing about consuming it is that it provides large amounts of complex carbohydrates (which are quickly digested), as well as vegetable proteins and amino acids such as lysine. 

It is, without a doubt, a food that you will have to incorporate from now on. You will love this version of crepes because it is very easy to cook and you can accompany it with any filling. Both sweet and salty. 

Buckwheat groats can improve heart health

If there is another healthy aspect of these grains, it is that they do not contain gluten. If you are following a gluten-free diet or you are celiac, these fiber-filled crepes are ideal!

From Koko news, we advise you that before consuming them, you should wash the grains well and cook them for a few minutes. You can also find buckwheat flour, which can be used to cook cookies, noodles, or whatever you like the most. Let's start making these crepes!


Buckwheat crepes 


1 - You can skip this first step if you use flour. Pre-soak the wheat grains for a few hours and then place them in a container with a pinch of sea salt. Crush them with a mini primer. Set aside.

2 - In another container place the glass of almond milk, the buckwheat (or flour), the mashed banana (if you make them salty you can add 1 flax seed egg), and a little water. The mixture should be somewhat thick. Add salt if you like.

A trick to make the crepe solid is to leave the mixture well beaten, free of lumps, for twenty minutes in the refrigerator, although this step is not essential. The cold will thicken the mixture.

3 - Add a little coconut oil (or any oil you prefer) to the pan so that they do not stick. Cook them over medium / low heat. A minute and a half on each side will be enough.

You can add any toppings you like! Peanut butter, fresh berries' sauce, or even melted chocolate! Invite your loved ones and enjoy!

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