Top 5 Latinx vegan Instagrammers that you MUST follow

Check out these 5 awesome accounts from foodie latinx vegan Instagrammers, where you can find not only cruelty-free cosmetics but also the latest plant-based burger recipe!

These days ‒September 15th to October 15th‒ we are in the middle of Latinx Heritage Month, which celebrates Latinx Americans' contributions and roots. This is relevant because there is a connection between Hispanic native heritage and the decolonization of our food traditions. Here are some extra Instagram accounts that acknowledge the diversity of our current vegan community, while showing a huge range of tips to apply in everyday life.

1- Ernesto Rivas (@netocraves)

Ernesto Rivas (@netocraves)

He’s very close in the 1-million-followers race and has tons of experience in creating fresh and healthy cravings. Rivas's secrets are some fantastic video recipes, yummy food shots, and countless advice for plant-based meals. You will definitely drool with his cashew-based jackfruit pasta and pink-hued vegan empanadas!

2- Cindy Villaseñor (@cerowastecindy)

A zero-waste Angeleno blogger who created her inspirational account to share useful tips on how to step up your life and diet. From composting to bulk shopping to really easy low-waste recipes, Villaseñor makes living a wasteless lifestyle look SO easy and appealing you will soon be sharing her tips!

3-  Nataly Velasquez (@natsplantlife)

Nataly Velasquez (@natsplantlife)

Her deep writings on mental health, sustainability, being a vegan mom, and healthy vegan snacks have turned Velasquez’s account into a resourceful and creative inspiration for all types of vegans. Don’t miss her highlight reels on clumsy-proof makeup and cleaning supplies, meal prepping, and fun school meals.

4- Michelle Carrera (@granolatron)

Starter of Chilis on Wheels, a charitable organization that supplies vegan meals to the homeless, and in charge of the board at the Microsanctuary Resource Center, Carrera humbly shares some of her important work through her social media accounts, and last but not least her journey raising a vegan child on her own. Check out ASAP her stories to become a volunteer!

5- Sandra Salazar (@myvidaverde)

Sandra Salazar (@myvidaverde)

With dope graphic designs and insightful captions, this soon-to-be dietitian debunks myths about veganism, outpacing the ‘Go-Vegan-or-Go-Home’ motto. She addresses ongoing topics such as food insecurity while giving some helpful advice on ditching dairy. Salazar works hard through the many things that hold people back from making the transition and makes sure to spread verified nutrition info.

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