Rihanna’s new cruelty-free and sustainable Fenty perfume

Rihanna’s new cruelty-free and sustainable Fenty perfume

This is the first perfume that Fenty has launched into the market, and it’s, for sure, no disappointment.

Fenty Beauty has achieved a lot of success since it was founded in 2017 ‒it made Rihanna a billionaire, for instance.

Like the rest of the brand products, this perfume is cruelty-free. It was launched two months ago on social media. The Instagram post caption along the perfume’s photo reads: “An intimate unisex fragrance that is everything you feel, everything you are, and everything you want to be.”

The bottle is clear brown

The packaging is an intense blue, while the perfume bottle is clear brown. Its scent is described as sensual and seductive, and also a raw, sensual, spicy, and sweet combo. Bridgetown, Barbados, and Grasse were some of the places that inspired the talented artist into creating the fragrance, which has notes of magnolia, musk, tangerine, and blueberry, as well as floral additions of Bulgarian rose absolute, geranium, and patchouli.

“Brown is my favorite color. Brown is who I am. Brown is what I come from. If I’m going to make a fragrance that represents me, even the body language of the bottle needs to marry that. So, I wanted something brown, but also transparent –so you could see the liquid and the fragrance you’re about to experience,” she stated.

She also mentioned that the perfume is for all genders. Her inclusivity message has always been her signature brand.

Rihanna is a visionary when it comes to the beauty industry. When she started Fenty, she launched 50 foundation tones ‒which was certainly groundbreaking by that time. According to Forbes, she now owns $1.7 billion. Most of it comes from the beauty brand, and the rest is from her music career and her lingerie company (Savage x Fenty).

Rihanna is a visionary when it comes to the beauty industry.

It’s important to mention that while the fragrance is a starter for Fenty, Rihanna isn’t a newcomer when it comes to that industry. She has launched some very popular perfumes in the past with Parlux, including the fruity Reb’l Fleur and floral Rogue Love. But it seems that this time she outdid herself.

Disclaimer: While everything on Fenty Beauty is cruelty-free, not everything is vegan (cruelty-
free means no animal testing, and vegan means no animal-derived ingredients). Everything
from skincare brand Fenty Skin, however, is 100% vegan.

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