Do you want to go vegan in 2022? These are the steps to follow

Do you want to go vegan in 2022? These are the steps to follow

Follow these simple steps and go vegan in no time!

Going vegan wasn’t easy some years ago, but people don’t realize that nowadays everything’s different. There are tons of vegan options everywhere because there are vegan people everywhere.

Of course, it won’t be easy at first, but going vegan today is super easy and you won’t regret it, that’s for sure. Keep on reading for the most amazing 5 steps list to going vegan and don’t die in the process.

You can achieve your diet goals with these simple steps!

1-Go really slow

It won’t happen overnight. So don’t punish yourself for wanting to eat cheese or any non-vegan food, you can just wake up one day and stick to a vegan diet forever.  Start by just cutting down on your consumption of animal products. Taking simple steps to begin like eating meat-free for one day a week, or one meal per day can be much more achievable than going fully vegan at first.

2-Focus on what you CAN eat

You need to take time to find a replacement for that non-vegan dish you love the most, and you will! But you shouldn’t focus on what you cannot eat as it will lead you to frustration and craving. Instead of thinking, for example, about how much you miss cheese, think about what you can enjoy instead.

3- New foods are the best foods

Things like tempeh, tofu, nut kinds of butter, plant milk, coconut yoghurts and fermented foods are all delicious and have many varieties. Embrace these new items of your diet as they are delicious and offer a huge variety. Tempting as it is to try loads of vegan fast food substitutes (which are of course delicious), remember to primarily focus on whole and minimally processed foods to keep your nutrients boosted.

4-Try new restaurants

In almost every town and city now, there are a variety of vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants to choose from.

5-Organize your diet

Meal planning can save your life and your diet!

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