Check out these common vegan swaps and improve the way you eat! Check out these common vegan swaps and improve the way you eat!

Common vegan swaps that will improve the way you eat!

Going vegan has never been easier! Check out these common vegan swaps that will change the way you eat!

We already know everything about swapping eg0g for a vegan option, but if you are struggling to veganize some of your favorite dishes but can't find the right dairy swap, here is a guide that might be helpful!

Plant-based milk

Coconut milk is perfect for baking!

Sure, there are plenty of options nowadays. But which one works well with what? Here's what you should know: if you are looking for everyday milk that is more on the neutral side, the standard is almond milk. It''s watery enough, neutral, and versatile. If you are looking to replace the proteins of regular milk, then you should opt for soy milk, but the unsweetened version has a particular taste that not everyone enjoys. If you want to use milk to make baked goods, an excellent option, then, is canned coconut milk. Its unique texture cooks really well and the flavor, while coconut-y enough, won't really stand out all that much!

Vegan cheese

Who said vegans don't eat cheese?

Vegan cheese also comes in a wide variety of options (thankfully!), so if you are not really sure about which one is the best, here are a few basics: for ricotta cheese, try almond cheese — this also works wonders with other creamy cheeses! For brie, try cashew cheese — a great replacement thanks to its texture, just remember to stick to portion sizes because this one is calorie-dense. For parmesan,  you can either try nutritional yeast or, if you feel like you want a more flavorful option, you can try hemp seed crumble cheese!

Vegan butter

You can easily replace butter, too!

This is a key ingredient for cooking and baking, so look no further! Here's all the information you need: most of the time, you can simply replace butter for your preferred vegetable oil (any will work). If you are looking for a replacement specifically for baking, then you should consider coconut oil. Unlike other vegetable oils, coconut oil is solid at room temperature, making it the perfect vegan butter for baking. If want to add a little vegan butter to your toast or sandwich, then you can simply go for the vegan margarine available at any supermarket or you can opt for vegan spreads, which are a lot more flavorful (although these are not an option if you want something neutral): try hummus, tahini or any vegetable pate and bring your toast game up a notch!

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