All you need to know about vegan probiotics All you need to know about vegan probiotics

All you need to know about vegan probiotics

Gut well-being is very important and with this info, you will be able to understand how to care for it.

It is predicted that the vegan supplements market in general will be growing and that the global probiotic market could be worth an enormous $94.48 billion by 2027.

Probiotics are really important for gut health

This boom is happening for several reasons, namely, increasing nutritional consciousness, plant-based eating becoming more usual than ever, and an overall awareness of the importance of food—and the gut—in optimizing health.

But, how do probiotics impact gut health? “I view the gut now as being like a second brain. I think it’s a really important organ,” says Sonal Shah, who is a sports nutritionist, a gut health specialist, an expert on plant-based diets, and the founder and director of Synergy Nutrition in London, UK, and she adds “The research now is linking gut health to so many diseases—even things like obesity and mental health. That makes sense, because if you look at the gut it has the same neurotransmitters as the brain does. One affects the other.”

“I think that gut health is really fragile, and it’s important from birth all the way to adulthood,” says Shah. “Really, my view on health is, if we look after the gut, nine times out of 10 everything else is going to be well in the body.” Fermented foods are rich in probiotic bacteria, that’s why it is thought that they are really good for gut health. Shah points out that each culture has its own version of fermented food, from kombucha to tempeh.

“There is some truth behind them, definitely,” she says. “We don’t know the exact mechanisms, but
it seems like it’s all about bacteria and what makes them thrive.” Shah says that for those looking to boost their gut health, she would specifically recommend supplements rather than trying to get everything from fermented and probiotic-rich food alone.

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