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Koko.news is the online destination for all things health. Our goal is to bring our wellness-minded readers daily proof that healthy living can be fun and easy.


We strive to provide a continual flow of news and insight to inspire your journey to the most balanced and healthy version of yourself.


Our favorite topics include:


EAT  | Healthy eating. Let your food be your medicine with our tips. Whether plant-based, vegetarian, or flexitarian, discover the benefits that healthy food has for the body and soul.


MOVE  | Exercise, home workout tips, wellness, and yoga. Movement is life, which is why we provide a wide variety of workouts, from HIIT to yoga. Learn to love exercising with our training tips and tricks. 


GLOW  | We embrace self-care, and that’s why we focus on natural and homemade beauty treatments and clean makeup. Make your hair and skin glow from the inside out.


BREATHE | Mindfulness, meditation, positivity, and helpful lifestyle tips. A healthy mind in a healthy body, as the saying goes. Our mindfulness and positivity-filled tips will lead to a stress-free lifestyle. 


COOK | Simple, healthy, homemade recipes. Delicious food that’s good for your body.


NEWS | Want to glow like a celeb? Learn how to with our coverage of celebrity fitness, diets, beauty tips, as well as positive news and latest trends

We hope you find plenty of inspiration here and leave feeling revitalized and well-equipped for your wellness journey.



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