Wonder Woman: what Gal Gadot includes in her diet and why

You don’t need to be deep in the acting industry to know who Gal Gadot is, or what she looks like. One may be inclined to believe that she follows a strict diet with many restrictions, but that couldn’t be more wrong!

Many vegetables

The actress emphasizes the importance of good quality food. This consists of many vegetables, among others like fish and chicken. Whether it’s cooked or raw, Gal Gadot loves her veggies and protein, not because it helps her lose weight, but rather because they’re a healthy and delicious source of energy.

One thing Gal Gadot really enjoys is going to fruits and vegetables stands in farmer markets.

A good breakfast

Gal Gadot prepares a breakfast that’s fit for a superhero, mostly because she knows the importance of this meal and wishes to show it to her daughters. In the morning, she’ll eat eggs and fruit, almost always accompanied by a good, healthy smoothie with celery, apples, ginger, and other ingredients.

The actress likes to include whatever’s in her fridge into her morning smoothies.


Her followers on Instagram know Gal Gadot’s love for coffee: the actress has frequently shared her appreciation for it on social media. She drinks this beverage quite often and in many different ways: as a latte, a coffee cortado, and more.

A latte to wake up in the morning is one of the many pleasures Gal Gadot shares with her followers.

Asian food

Whether it’s sushi or Dim-Sum (a Chinese dish), Gal Gadot is a proven fan of Asian cuisine. She’s admitted this food is one of her treats, which she enjoys for lunch, while she’s abroad, or even during interviews.

Gal Gadot has shared that it was dining over sushi when she first discussed her role in Wonder Woman with director Patty Jenkins.

Whatever makes her happy!

One of the most important requirements for Gal Gadot’s diet is to enjoy and experience everything she eats. Even though she’s a big supporter of healthy eating habits, she believes the focus should be on self-control, food measurements, and respect both for what you’re eating and for yourself.

Her approach to food is focused on balance and mindful eating // Photo: Instagram

Photo: Dudi Hasson for Vanity Fair

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