Vegan Diet: Lizzo shares her typical day on a plate Vegan Diet: Lizzo shares her typical day on a plate

Vegan Diet: Lizzo shares her typical day on a plate

The singer changed her diet to veganism and revealed that she feels healthier than ever.

The Grammy Award winner took TikTok for the weekend to share that, "as a new vegan," she has recently been "exploring the flavors of plants and plant proteins" and wanted to let fans know exactly what she eats on a typical day.

The singer had been initiated into veganism some time ago and maintained a healthy diet for seven years. Now she has returned to a healthy diet and shares some examples of her breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert with her fans.

Vegan Diet: Lizzo shared what she eats on a typical day

In the morning, Lizzo said she usually prepares a green smoothie made with kale or spinach, frozen fruit, and coconut water, a good way to start the day full of protein. For lunch, one of the things she makes is a colorful salad made with kale, red cabbage, broccoli, seasoned avocado, white onion, and carrots.

At snack time. Before becoming a vegetarian, Lizzo said her daily snack was Flamin' Hot Cheetos. But she had to give them up because they weren't good for her acid reflux, she said in her TikTok. Instead, the singer said she switched to Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs, a vegetarian-friendly snack that offers that cheese flavor without, well, the cheese.

For dinner, Lizzo opted for Shroomeats Mushroom Balls, which are meatless "meatballs" made with shiitake mushrooms, soy flour, soybean oil, sugar, salt, and pepper. The singer covered the mushroom balls with a mixture of chickpeas and truffles and a side of quinoa, which contains a lot of fiber and protein, which helps you feel fuller for longer, plus some leftover salad from lunch.

Finally, for dessert, Lizzo made a peanut butter and jelly shake by mixing peanut butter, frozen strawberries, oatmeal, oat milk, vanilla protein powder, and, of course, "love of Jesus," she joked in the video, adding that she felt "very light and full" at the end of the day.

As a vegan, Lizzo does not eat meat or any animal by-products, including eggs, milk, and cheese.

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