Vanessa Kirby´s astonishing beauty routine

Vanessa Kirby´s astonishing beauty routine

Whoever thinks Vanessa Kirby is not beautiful and doesn´t have wonderful skin is completely mistaken. Fortunately, she shares with us her beauty secrets. 

Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth´s younger sister, was widely known for her obvious beauty and great looks. Her sparkling big blue eyes, her wonderful hair, and her undisputable smile attracted fans from all over the world. Taking that into account, the Netflix series “The Crown” producers´ job was very hard as they had to find an actress that could not only portray the late princess but also share her beauty.

One of the 2020 Academy Awards Leading Actress's strongest contenders, Vanessa Kirby, was not only disappointing and, in some scenes, perhaps stole Claire Foy´s performance by simply looking at her. It´s just her fresh and natural looks that can´t be overlooked.

Vanessa Kirby follows a very special beauty routine that can protect her fair and sensitive skin.

With her fair skin and natural beauty, Kirby doesn´t need much makeup but still, she has to take care of her amazing skin. Natural products suit her better as do non-toxic makeup. To achieve this she uses nutrient mists and radiance oils. As an international actor, she travels a lot and her skin dries very much on planes. That´s why she really needs this kind of product.

She also uses pigmented water that she applies with a brush and a blender, so as not to harm her skin that much. On her eyes, she wears natural shadows for subtle shimmering definition, a feline eyeliner, and lots of mascara on her nicely curled lashes.

Vanessa Kirby uses pigmented water that she applies with a brush and a blender, so as not to harm her skin that much.

On her cheeks, she prefers powder blush and a neutral taupe under her cheekbone. On the brows, it is more common for her to use dark powder to create the shape, given her rounded blue eyes. Her face is enhanced with a highlighter to give it an extra glow and on her lips, she uses pure lipstick for well-hydrated lips. Finally, she hydrates her body with a mixture of luminous lotions.

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