This healthy mushroom coffee will improve your longevity!

Try this healthy and energizing longevity mushroom coffee

Drinking coffee on its own and in moderation can bring many health benefits to your body. This psychoactive plant can help you feel more awake, improve your memory and mood, and enhance your cognitive performance. You can boost its properties by mixing it with other great and healthy ingredients, including mucuna powder and a blend of mushrooms. Learn their abilities and how to brew this healthy mushroom coffee!

A good latte in the mornings can make a big difference both in your mood and brain functions. Besides its caffeine contents, coffee has other compounds that'll positively impact your brain and body health. When you add other health-boosting ingredients like mucuna powder, dopamine support, and mushrooms, which improve your energy, you can achieve the perfect drink to start your day!

Brew some coffee and prepare it with health-boosting ingredients like mucuna pruriens powder and mushroom blends.

Prepare this cup of coffee in five minutes and enjoy your healthy and energizing breakfast!



  1. Start to brew your coffee in a french presser, for 4 minutes.
  2. In a cup, pour the mucuna pruriens powder. These are herbs for the mornings, which contain a natural precursor to dopamine and are therefore associated with dopamine support.
  3. Add the blend of medicinal mushrooms, a great complement for coffee. Its compounds will boost your energy and brain functions.
  4. Include in the cup the healthy fat for coffee as well. This can be coconut butter, coconut oil or milk, or even MCT oil. The last one is fasting safe, while the first ones will help you keep your blood sugar levels stable.
  5. Pour in the cup some of the brewed coffee and whisk the ingredients together by hand or with a blender.
  6. Once the mixture's combined, pour in the rest of the coffee and enjoy this healthy drink! It'll improve your brain power and body's health for the rest of the day and also in the long-term, increasing your longevity.

Peter O Brien

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