Train like a celebrity: Kate Beckinsale shares her workout routine Train like a celebrity: Kate Beckinsale shares her workout routine

Train like a celebrity: Kate Beckinsale shares her workout routine

The actress and model Kate Beckinsale knows the importance of working out and she considers training a "nature’s antidepressant." Discover her workout routine to stay in shape

Kate Beckinsale’s workout

The actress takes her time to work out and stretches frequently but when she is shooting a movie in which she has an active role like the Underworld saga, those workouts are more intense: she works out 4 to 5 times a week.


This intense circuit routine helps Kate keep her heart rate up the entire time. During these workouts, she does 3 sessions of cardio on the treadmill or elliptical and breaks up those sessions with strength training exercises. It is similar to a HIIT routine but you do need to be at a gym to make it work. Kate also does some kickboxing exercises to help her tone her upper body and core while keeping her heart pumping. 

Strength training

Beckinsale makes strength training part of her daily workouts. These exercises help her build muscle mass, strength, and endurance but she is careful when choosing the right exercises and works with her trainers, who know what she wants or needs to accomplish. 


She is a big fan of yoga and she shares lots of photos with yoga poses on her Instagram. Yoga is a daily routine for her and since she can do it in the comfort of her own home or a hotel room, it is easy for her to squeeze in sessions. 

Other exercises

Butt workouts: Her lower body routine is pretty simple and includes the following exercises:

Upper body workout: Kate’s upper body exercises are mostly bodyweight exercises. This routine includes the following exercises:

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