This is the Hailey Bieber hairdo you should wear this fall

The hairstyles that are trending this fall are those that we wore in our childhood. Just take a look at the hairdo Hailey Bieber is wearing!

Hailey Bieber just confirmed that the ultimate inspiration for this fall's on-trend hairstyles can be found in our children's photo albums. The model has just been spotted with a street style look to frame full of details to effortlessly clone two beautiful braids. Let's see!

Childish hairstyle
Few updos are as easy, comfortable, and flattering as the two buns on both sides of the face. Hailey Bieber has shown that the buns of the season are tight and tight (although some strands can be loose). If also, the length of the hair allows it, it is possible to leave a good portion of the ends without binding. It is about achieving a somewhat feral effect, as well as childish.

Two buns, the latest trend
But the two buns or the two ponytails are not the only memorable detail of the latest beauty look of the model, who wears a warm honey color in her hair obtained thanks to the work (extensions included) of her colorist Cassondra Kaeding and her stylist Priscilla Valles. Recently, Hailey Bieber had explained on her Instagram account that during her quarantine she decided to return her hair to its natural, darker tone. Now it seems that she has decided to tone it to get a very warm and natural blonde.

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