This is Heidi Klum's method to stay in great shape all year round

Heidi Klum is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her energy and shines through the screen (and magazine pages) and her fitness level is something to feel inspired by. These are her secrets to stay in great shape throughout the year.


Heidi stays motivated by pretending it's bikini season all year. This way she makes healthy decisions regularly.


Her favorite workout is a long run along the Westside Highway, which stretches along the Hudson River in New York City. The people she sees running every morning serve as her inspiration to keep going.

How does Heidi Klum stay motivated to work out

"That and knowing there is a Starbucks coffee at the end of the route," she says

Her busy schedule means it's difficult for Heidi to have a set routine. So she chooses to keep moving in different ways, from walking her dog, to jumping or dancing around with her kids and going for a hike when possible. 

Heidi's favorite workouts

When traveling for work, she does a short bodyweight routine in her hotel room

"My best advice is to work out with a buddy. They keep you motivated and get you out of bed. I think it's also important to set goals, " she told Glamour

Heidi also recommends setting manageable goals, like aspiring to run 200m, ten 300 the following weeks, and so on until you reach your ultimate goal. 

What about her diet?

Klum sticks to fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. She also drinks a fruit and veggie smoothie every day, a New year's resolution that became a habit. It's important for Heidi to keep a balanced diet, but deprivation is not a word she's keen on. If she feels like having a burger or a donut, she will. 

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