This is Hailey Bieber's best-kept secret to growing her eyebrows. Photo: Daniel Wellington

This is Hailey Bieber's best-kept secret to growing her eyebrows

A powerful ancestral product saved Hailey's eyebrows, today they are fuller, stronger, and brighter. Let's know what this product is.

Hailey Bieber is a fan of skincare and natural care. After falling victim to a fashion trend and plucking her eyebrows she needed a boost to regain strength. Here's how Hailey tried this potent product that left her brows to be envied. Let's see what this is about.

This ancient oil heals everything
Sometimes the most effective beauty remedies are not the most expensive and sophisticated, but those that have passed from generation to generation and that continue to work and provide solutions to small problems that many women have in common. You just have to see what Hailey Bieber's trick for perfect eyebrows is to see it.

Castor oil for eyebrow growth
Hailey has established herself as an example of natural beauty, and many of her beauty rituals do not include the latest news from the world of cosmetics but rather some products that should be fixed on our dressing table due to their versatility and beneficial effects. This is the case with castor oil to grow and strengthen her eyebrows.

How to use castor oil
Hailey let her eyebrows grow out of shape. And when they were more populated she slowly began to shape them. Castor oil helps your eyebrows grow, Hailey put castor oil on the brows every night and the result was excellent.

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