This is Barbara Palvin’s diet and workout routine

This is Barbara Palvin’s diet and favorite workout routine

Find out her exercise routine and her diet to keep her body in shape all year long!

Barbara Palvin is one of many Victoria’s Secret angels that can rock any fashion runway. But Barbara doesn’t just rely on her good genes to have that amazing look. Here’s how she does to get that body in shape to model whatever they give her.

Her diet

She keeps a balanced diet!

She usually goes with the 80/20 diet, which means she eats healthy 80 percent of the time splurges the remaining 20 percent. She saves the 20 percent for date nights with her boyfriend and girls nights out with her girlfriends.


Barbara always starts her day with coffee. She tries to wake up pretty early each day, most mornings, breakfast includes overnight oats or granola. Both options are full of fiber and have at least a little protein. Also, as they’re carbs, they give her plenty of fuel for her morning workouts indeed!.


Always vegetables, sometimes she adds some freshly baked chicken. If she’s craving something higher in carbs, she’ll add a serving of sweet potato puree.


Unless she cheats on her diet, she has light meals at night. She’s from Hungary and she likes making traditional Hungarian food like goulash.


Barbara doesn’t seem to snack much. Instead, she eats meals that fill her up throughout the day. But she does like to have a protein shake after her workouts. This boosts her up after some intense exercise.

You certainly need to work out a lot to become a Victoria's Secret Angel


You certainly need to work out a lot to become a Victoria's Secret Angel. That’s what she does, her workout is much more intense than her diet. And she takes the time to get a workout in every single day, even on her day off. Of course, she’s been doing it like this for quite a long time, working out every day isn’t for everyone.

Here are a few of her favorite exercises:

●    Standing lat pull
●    Donkey kicks
●    Single leg squat with slide
●    Battle ropes
●    Single leg squats on the Bosu ball

Leading up to big fashion shows, she gets really insane at the gym. She doubles her efforts, sometimes she even works out 10 times a week until she feels like she’s ready for the runway.

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