These are the 3 trends in manicures that you will see in all celebrities

If you no longer want to use monochromatic tones or prefer to leave the red varnish behind, take a look at these increasingly creative trends. Let's see!

This fall, we don't hesitate to attract all eyes to our hands with unusual and truly unique manicures. A colorful trend seen on Instagram, nail art lets your imagination run wild. Celebrities are preferring to wear a lot of color and illustrations on their nails, such as flowers, portraits, and polka dots among others they share the fingers of the hand. This graphic manicure is suitable for all nail lengths, just adapt your creativity to the shape of the nail.

Kylie's nails / Photo of Instagram

1. The uneven manicure

It's the manicure that's flooding Instagram this month. The more colorful and uneven, the more the trend is adopted. By decorating each nail with different patterns and colors, it takes center stage. Recently seen on Kylie Jenner, her ends are dressed in yellow, orange, purple, and blue through small very graphic details such as waves, polka dots, stars or animal prints.

Hailey's nails / Photo of Instagram

2. The Flower Power manicure

Adopted by Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid this summer, floral nail art continues to be emulated in the fall with on-trend girls. With this country manicure, we have fun drawing daisies, daisies, or jasmine on one or more nails depending on the mood of the day.

Betina Goldstein Nail Art/ Photo of Instagram

3. The Arty manicure

For the most expert in nail art, the Arty manicure, reminiscent of the works of Jean Cocteau or Pablo Picasso, requires absolute precision to draw the calligraphic lines of abstract faces with an eyeliner. The ultimate for those who want a delicate and sophisticated manicure.

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