Discover Kylie Minogue's daily diet

The singer Kylie Minogue's daily diet was revealed!

Believe it or not, the Australian singer Kylie Minogue is 52 years old and she looks incredible! Her secret? Eating healthily.

Kylie Minogue is a big fan of eating healthy food, and that is evident in her radiant skin. Let's see what her diet is about. 

What does Kylie eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Kylie Minogue follows the Paleo diet plan. // Photo by Modoradio


Kylie has said in an interview that she follows the Paleo diet plan. This plan includes plenty of fruit and vegetables and protein and omits sugar and dairy. "Paleo is the kind of food I like [and] sugar is not my friend," she said. For breakfast, she also likes toasted bread with goat's milk butter and almond paste. 


Kylie has hypoglycemia, a health condition in which you experience low blood sugar. So, lunch is a very important meal in the Minogue household. For lunch, she usually has grilled fish with veggies or she goes for a piece of tuna on a green salad with her trainer. 

"I’m not really a fan of junk food and prefer to stick to a low glycaemic cuisine which suits my hypoglycemia,” she told Vogue Australia. 

For lunch, Kylie Minogue usually has grilled fish with veggies


Her dinner is as healthy as the other meals. The Paleo diet allows meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, and spices. But processed foods are off the menu, so she never eats ready meals. She cooks everything and for dinner, she tends to eat some protein with a great salad. 

However, once in a while she eats a burger, and she also loves having a good glass of wine with her dinner. In fact, she has recently launched her own wine label.

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