Jen Selter's tips for a healthy diet

The fitness queen: what does Jen Selter include in her diet?

It's known that a healthy and fit body isn't simply maintained with exercise: you also need a balanced diet. Fitness gurus like Jen Selter know this and share their tips on what to include in a healthy diet. These are the fitness queen's recommendations!

Jen Selter, also known as "the fitness queen", is an Instagram celebrity, famous for her tips and routines to achieve a body as perfect as hers. She has more than 12 million followers and is very present in the fitness community, ready to give recommendations.

As she's repeatedly said, staying in shape is more than a way to lose weight for her. The fitness model describes it as a lifestyle, in which she likes to eat healthily and work out instead of taking drastic measures like extreme dieting. It's her love for a healthy lifestyle what has made her such a big personality.

Jen Selter, AKA the fitness queen, likes to describe her love for exercise and healthy eating as her lifestyle // Photo: Instagram

Even though her nickname indicates she approaches her quest for a healthy body with fitness and exercise, the fitness queen also pays extra attention to what she eats. She advises to have a workout routine of at least one hour a day but notes that a healthy diet should always be present.

What makes Jen Selter an interesting lifestyle coach is her approach to healthy eating. She believes in the importance of learning what to eat and dismisses the effects of a diet full of suffering. This is why she highly recommends nutritious foods like smoothies, salads, chicken, and salmon, but she never says no to her small pleasure: a piece of dark chocolate.

The fitness queen advises against alcohol, sodas, processed sugar, and cream in your coffee. Jen likes to include lots of protein in her meals in order to satiate the body and avoid afternoon cravings. In any case, she prefers to snack on fruits and vegetables.

Before she’s in the mood for a snack, Jen anticipates her cravings by buying and cutting some fruits and vegetables and leaving them in her fridge // Photo: Instagram

Did you already know Jen Selter and her workout routines? What about her approach to healthy eating? Surely, you're now looking forward to trying out her techniques!

Photo: Vanity Fair

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