7 Thandie Newton's skincare secrets you should definitely check out!

Thandie Newton's skincare secrets you should definitely check out!

Thandie Newton has a beautiful, glowy complexion. But guess what? Her beauty routine is not as complicated as one may think! This superstar is also a beauty blogger and she has some advice for you, without further ado, let's see what she has to say about her beauty routine!

The Emmy Award-winning star of Westworld, Thandie Newton swears by these skincare tips not only because she is a beauty blogger but also because she is a skincare lover! Though she certainly has been blessed with good genetics, her beautiful skin is also due to her routine. If you want to know how she maintains such a beautiful complexion, make sure you keep on reading!

1. Organic skincare

I do try and look for organic and natural where I can,' she says.

You can try some DIY masks or using more natural products in your skincare routine.

Choose natural products whenever possible.

2. Avoid overcleansing and picking her face

She says that we have a tendency to over-primp, to over-cleaned and that she rarely goes for facials because:

 I think that the more you strip away the more vulnerable your skin is.'

She never picks her face to eliminate breakouts, instead, she chooses to treat the pimple with a blue light home device to calm the irritation. She also chooses to hydrate her skin with hyaluronic acid as she feels it’s “like pouring water into your pores.”

Blue light helps deal with breakouts.

3. She eats healthy and clean and keeps a fitness routine.

Think about what’s going inside your body. Your skin is this incredible map that’s telling you what’s going on,' she said.

In order to have a glowy skin she eats well and does regular exercise.

It is definitely true that whatever you eat will be reflected on your skin's quality, so be sure to have a balanced diet and nutrient-dense foods.

Regarding her workout routine:

When I practice yoga, I love doing a headstand, I could hang out like that for so long. It's a good way of resetting — plus, the blood rushes to my head, and when I get up, I have an instant glow.' 

Now that you know that having beautiful skin is not so complicated, will you follow her advice?

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